Ana Bacalhau


“I have car-painter bugs. They are also carpenters, of course, but, above all, they are car- painters” Ana Bacalhau announces her solo début, after a decade of being the voice of the group Deolinda. “When I was a kid, I used to hear the grown-ups saying that I had too much energy and restlessness, like a carpenter bug, and, without knowing anything about carpentry, I convinced myself they were diagnosing me with a severe case of bugs that car-painted. (...) Then came a day when they asked for a stage for themselves”, says Ana Bacalhau, referring to the call to launch her career in new directions, to lend her voice to new songwriters and to her own compositions.

“Nome Próprio” (Forename) is the name of the much-awaited album. It came out in October 2017 and, to the joy of her veritable legions of fans, marks the solo début of one of Portugal's most acclaimed singers. Ana Bacalhau is now preparing to take her new songs live, with all the energy and passion for which she is known. She is promising a lengthy tour that will take her around the world.