MATRIZ new Sara Vidal's album celebrates 15 years of career

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After being, between 2005 and 2011, the voice of the Galician group Luar na Lubre, one of the most recognized internationally, and of multiple participations in several Portuguese groups, it is Sara Vidal's turn to perform in her own name, with her first MATRIZ solo album to mark 15 years of career.
With an acoustic sound and the confluence of multiple instruments, the voice assumes itself as the main thread among a musical selection composed entirely by traditional themes, which here gain a new pulse and breath by the musical direction of Manuel Maio and Rui Ferreira. In MATRIZ, we are invited to travel through Portuguese geography and to discover the traditional songbook of each region under a common denominator: the female condition in the different stages of life.
The artistic relevance of this work is based on the
valorization of traditional music, as a cultural and ethnographic vehicle of the identity matrix. At the same time that it is intended to deconstruct the recurring idea that traditional music is poor and limited, this album intends to raise awareness of new audiences for
popular culture, through new sound approaches, which may be more attractive and stimulating to discover.
MATRIZ is the maturation of Sara Vidal's 15-year musical career, which has a vast professional trajectory in root music, between Galicia and Portugal. She currently develops her musical work in the groups Espiral, A Presença das Formigas, Diabo a Sete, Cantos da Quaresma and Companhia do Canto Popular, all within the scope of world music, being recognized as one of the leading voices of folk and traditional Portuguese music, both nationally and internationally.
MATRIZ it’s released on December 11th and with financial support from the GDA Foundation.

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