Sara Vidal releases new single DESCANTE AOS NOIVOS

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3rd single of the new album "Matriz" by Sara Vidal
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DESCANTE AOS NOIVOS is the third single presenting the new album "Matriz" by the singer Sara Vidal, to be released at the end of November and which deepens her origins in the Portuguese musical tradition from the perspective of the female condition.

All over Portugal, it was tradition to sing to the bride and groom, either on the eve of the wedding or on the day itself at night, some verses dedicated to them, who later they had to repay with food, especially meat. This tradition called "Descante" also has other designations, such as "congratulations", "serenade to the wives" and "floodgate", sung only with voices or accompanied by an accordionist, adufes (square frame drum) or mortars, depending on the region.

This arrangement, with musical production by Manuel Maio and Rui Ferreira, is based on the collection made in Proença-a-Nova by José Alberto Sardinha and Vítor Reino, in 1989, included in the album "Portugal roots musicals" (1996).

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