Mohammad Bayat

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  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007
  • WOMEX 2005

My name is Mohammad and my family name is Bayat. I am 60 years old , married with three children and live in Tehran , IRAN .
I was born on February 11, 1949 in a small eastern city of Iran called Tuyserkan . I completed my education up to diploma in that city and in 1968 I was called to do the military service which was done in 18 months. Having completed my military service, I was accepted to complete training courses on Television and Cinema at the then called National Iranian Radio Television ( NIRT ) in 1969.
As a start to my cooperation with NIRT, I began my work at the Music Department to work for the NIRT Chamber Orchestra's administration ( and archive ) , concerts and tours which gave me chance to travel with the orchestra to different European countries in 1971 , Russia 1974 and as a research program on the orchestral archive and music to different European countries in 1976. On the recommencement of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 , I settled at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) 1 st TV Network's music archive to select music for the TV programs. I obtained my BA in English Language and Literature from Beheshty University in Tehran in 1985 .
In 1987 I was nominated to take part in a month training course by AIBD ( an affiliate department to United Nations ) in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia on archive and library management which gave me promotion to act as the manager of the IRIB 2nd TV Networks Archives and Library for 3 years . This followed with a six months management of the Radio Archives and Library and was continued as IRIB ( all ) Archives and Libraries Coordination Manager for seven years. I was retired from IRIB activities in 1998.
On the spring of 1998 I taught English for a year and after that I was invited to help Soroush Multimedia Corporation on marketing ,producing and distributing music albums in and outside Iran. This new cooperation gave me the oppertunity to participate at International Music Exhibitions in the region and Europe such as First Iranian Production in Kuwait and Bahrain, MIDEM in France, Cannes for 9 years and Womex 2005 at Newcastle ( UK ) and this gave me chance to test and acquire more experience on international markets , production and distribution companies which I am still following.
It is very important for Iranian music to be present at international exhibitions and I am honored to have been participating in these trade fairs for the last 10 years.

Mohammad Bayat

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