"Earth and Ashes" - Francesco Russo - Khaled Arman

Francesco Russo - Khaled Arman
Earth ans Ashes


Mashal Arman
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the sound, the music and the silence of the film will highten this progression of doubt toward anguish .
the noises, sounds, breathing change into music, and then this music metamorphoses back into noise and organic concentration of sound.
each setting, each state of soul has its theme, its cadence and its musical ponctuation over the ambient sound, and is underlined by the tones of certain Afghan instruments and the vocal strenght of the characters.
This noise, these sounds take on so much more importance coming out of silence. A silence that give voice to Yassin' s universe, the world of a childgoing deaf as bombs drop on his village.
It's about giving musical expression to the gesture, the gaze, the silence of the characters .