groove& (South Korea)

groove& (South Korea)

Line up

  • Hakyung KIM (Ggwaeng-gwa-ri, Jang-gu, Korean Traditional Percus)
  • Minju SOHN (Un-la, Jang-gu, Korean Traditional Percussions)
  • Sangkyung LEE (Yang-geum, Jang-gu, Korean Traditional Percussions)


"groove&" is consisted of three women, and all members are Korean traditional percussionists. They play lots of percussion, and make new songs based on the Korean beat.

They thought percussion is that it can make anything groove. That's why they employed the word 'groove' followed by the '&' representing our infinite possibilities and the potential imaginations the audience can dream.

Thanks to their outstanding performance, they were selected in music markets such as Seoul Music Week in 2021-2022 and Journey to Korean Music 2021 by KAMS and received favorable reviews.

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groove& (South Korea)