Yarima Blanco Ep release on the 19.10.2021

Yarima Blanco the Tres player, singer and composer from Cuba
Yarima Blanco Ep I "Pa mi tres" release on the 19.10.21


Tv show in Cuba together with the great tres player Pancho Amat.
  • "Dos con tres"
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Just in time , or better so, synchronize with Womex21, release the artist Yarima Blanco, together with Soundwear Productions and Termidor records, the first EP from the production "Pa mi tres" available on the 19.10.2021. The complete album production will come out in the month of February 2022 in Cuba under the record label Egrem, and for on line platforms and the rest of the world under Termidor records.
Looking forward for this release and for the physical cd release next year.
We will keep you posted.

article posted by:Tomás Pérez, Soundwear Productions