Yarima Blanco announces her cd release "Pa mi tres"

"Pa mi tres" Yarima Blanco new cd release

“The Cuban Tres guitar player that shines”,
Yarima Blanco, announces her cd release “Pa ´mi Tres”.
After forming her own band, Son Latino, some eight years ago, Yarima´s Blanco
CD “Pa mi tres” is finally here. They said; no pain, no game. Yes, she has earned it all.

After signing a contract with Soundwear Productions, Yarima Blanco went straight to the studio and recorded her first music production under her own name, calling it “Pa’ mi tres”.
With all the complication the world is facing, it´s a dream come thru for Yarima Blanco to be able to present the public with the music she does.
Including in the CD are music styles like; Tipical Son Cubano, Pambiche rhythm, ballad, Cumbia and others.
Here you will also find Yarima Blanco taking the role of lead singer, besides her role as a tres and guitar player, next to a few other lead singers guess like Alain Pérez, Barbara de Los Angeles Zamora, Kelvin Ochoa and Juan Antonio Gil.
The cd release was released on the 12.04.2022 in Havana-Cuba.
She signed a five years contract with the European record company Termidor
that lead her to a four months European Tour in 2023 with the European promoter
Kramer Artists.

Artist Bio:
Born in the city of Bayamo-Cuba, Yarima Blanco showed at an early age an special talent for strings music instruments, falling in love first with the guitar.
Her first music institute, where she learn music theory as well as the craft of the guitar playing, was the music conservatory of her native city of Bayamo.
Not been satisfied with her good grades and music competitions prices, Yarima Blanco went to Cuba´s capital Music university, “Instituto superior de arte”, to study Cuban Tres guitar and music theory with the renowned Tres guitar professor Efrain Amador.
Thru her studies period at the music university in Havanna-Cuba, Yarima Blanco was a prominent one, getting always great grades and countless prices for her outstanding studies and on the music competitions she took place on.
Yarima Blanco finished her music studies with the “Gold title studies”, the highes title at the Music university.

An extraordinary talent at the "Tres-Cubano"
“The fact that Yarima Blanco a woman is, may detract some people from how great her talent at the tres playing actually is. Yes – she is one of the first female tres players who made it to the international stages, but my focus is on the quality of her skill. It doesn’t matter to me whether the player a female or male is. Yarima Blanco is an exceptional talent!

Words from Pancho Amat, the great *Tres-Cubano Grandmaster

“If we would confront the constituted moderation with the constant repetition, like the Caribbean ocean waves, we will find Yarima Blanco, Cuban Tres guitar player, exporting from her instrument the morphology, the flexibility of taking it thru unexpected places, and also thru places where the cannon expected it to be”.
Camel Perea
Revista digital “Arfacto”

article posted by:Tomás Pérez, Soundwear Productions