Spam Allstars

Spam Allstars
Spam Allstars


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  • country:USA
  • style(s):Funk, Latin
  • label:Spamusica Records
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Spam Allstars

Line up

  • AJ Hill (saxes)
  • Chad Bernstein (trombone)
  • DJ Le Spam (turntables, samplers, FX)
  • Jose Elias (guitar, tres)
  • Mercedes Abal (flute)
  • Tomas Diaz (timbales, vocals)


Miami based Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables with latin, funk, hip hop and dub to create what they call an electronic descarga. Formed by Andrew Yeomanson, a/k/a DJ Le Spam, the band perform 200+ shows each year and host residencies in Little Havana, Miami and Miami Beach. They have five independent releases - Electrodomesticos/2007; Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes/2004; Latin Grammy nominated Fuacata Live/2002; Pigs In Space/2000; and Pork Scratchings/1999 - on their own label - Spamusica Records.

"Often credited as pioneering the new Miami-fusion sound, a synthesis of electronic music with Latin beats from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, and other countries whose musicians have migrated to Miami, the Spam Allstars combine live and improvised electronic music and turntables in a vigorous rhythmic celebration that defies categorization." - Boston Globe

Spam creates a Cuban vibe mixed with hip hop and dub, with great swinging violin, horns, synthesizer solos and flute parts. It's fresh and highly danceable, and you'll wonder why you didn't hear of Spam earlier. The Gazette (Montreal) authentic Miami sound is being forged by DJ Le Spam and the All Stars. - Rolling Stone

...Spam Allstars are the creator of the contemporary Miami sound.... - Miami Herald

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