Spectacles Bonzaï

Booking/management in Quebec, Canada. On the rock scene, but also with the gypsy acoustic punk band QRBP, one of the most popular band here !

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Spectacles Bonzai is an artist management agency and record label based in the province of Quebec, in Canada. The organization contributes to the promotion of the independent scene thanks to authentic and creative musical projects hybridizing many sub-genres. While taking care of many artists from the rock scene, the agency also manages the career of acoustic-gypsy-folk-punk-francophone band Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project, a well-known Quebec group (formed in China in 2007) which just released a brand-new 5th album in December 2020. In only 6 weeks, this record counted 3 millions streams and 5000 physical copies were sold. But there’s a catch: This 5th album comes in the form of ... a book! J’ai Bu is a true collector's item with its case binding and hardcover made of embossed and stamped faux leather.

Even if they harvested more than 38 millions streams online and are currently within the 15th most listened Quebec Artists worldwide on Spotify, their real strength still resides within the live shows. Highly energetic and electrifying, the bands live shows built their reputation and they are the reason that explains why the band is now headlining many festivals all over Quebec during its infamous annual summer tours. They have performed over 350 concerts in Quebec, compiling 10 000 tickets sold in venues and 50 000 spectators in 2019 alone.

We can ship a copy of the book-album if you want to know more about QRBP!


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  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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