Modern Māori Quartet

Modern Māori Quartet
Album Cover for MMQ's debut album "That's Us" • Credit Mardo El-Noor (World of Mardo)
Modern Māori Quartet • Credit Josh Griggs Photography
Modern Māori Quartet • Credit Mana Magazine
  • country:New Zealand
  • region:Auckland
  • style(s):Maori, Cabaret
  • label:The Modern Māori Quartet Ltd
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, a cappella, percussion, unplugged, guitar
  • artist posted by:SquareSums&Co. Ltd

Line up

  • Francis Kora (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Cajon)
  • James Tito (Vocals, Guitar, Cajon)
  • Maaka Pohatu (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Matariki Whatarau (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Cajon)
  • Matthew Eller (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Cajon)
  • Rutene Spooner (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Tainui Kuru (Vocals, Guitar, Cajon)
  • Te Aihe Butler (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Cajon)


The award-winning Modern Māori Quartet (MMQ) are a good looking, suave contemporary Māori showband in the vein of forebears such as the Hi-Marks, Māori Volcanics Showband, Dalvanius and the Fascinations, Māori Hi- Five, Māori Troubadours, Quin TIkis and The Howard Morrison Quartet.

MMQ’s accomplished artists hail from different corners of Aotearoa (New Zealand) to bring the concept of a “Māori Ratpack” into the present, weaving acting and musical abilities together to croon their spin on modern and classic numbers.

MMQ’s live shows are parties like no other, with a mix of off-beat comedy, stage routines, unique takes on showband hits as well as pop music, and displays of distinctively Māori song and dance. With hearty voices in epic harmony, they share Māori traditions, aroha (love) and tell Kiwi stories through waiata (song) with tongue-in-cheek Māori humour, charm and charisma.

The multi-award-winning foursome have four tour-ready shows: An Evening with the Modern Māori Quartet, MMQ: Two Worlds, MMQ: Garage Party and the recently premiered MMQ: Ngā 80s. MMQ has presented work across Aotearoa as well as International across Australia, Rarotonga, UK, USA, Germany, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

MMQ aspires to be one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s global cultural ambassadors, representing the revival of a proud heritage of world-class Māori showband entertainment. At the core of it all, MMQ are a classy celebration of the entertainment legends of Māoridom; hearty Māori entertainment that will warm your heart and make you cry with laughter.