Stockholm Lisboa Project

Stockholm Lisboa Project

Line up

  • Filip Jers (Chromatic and Diatonic harmonicas)
  • Liana (Lead Singer)
  • Sérgio Crisóstomo (Violin, Vocal)
  • Simon Stålspets (Nordic Mandola, Harmonica, Vocal)


-German Record Critics' Award 2009
-Nominated for Songlines Music Awards 2010
-Showcase at Womex 2010

Musicians from Portugal and Sweden joined to communicate their music traditions. Distant in space, under the universal language of music they found new textures and bridges between North and South, one tradition and the other.

The repertoire is about Portuguese and Scandinavian folk music, from Fado songs to Polska dances, brought to the ears by the sound colors of violin, mandolin, Nordic mandola, harmonica and voice.

Simon Stalspets, Sergio Crisostomo, Liana and Filip Jers are the faces of this project which brings to stage traditions from their roots.