Tarika Be
Tarika Be
Tarika Be
  • country:Madagascar
  • style(s):Afrobeat, Roots
  • label:Sakay
  • artist posted by:Strada Music LLP


"Madagascar's wonderband, has delivered one of the most thematically rigorous, well-researched and intentionally provocative world music albums ever. We're talking concept, major statement. And the music's brilliant too." Rhythm Music, USA.
"Not since the days of Bob Marley has social commentary come wrapped in so many seductive colours." Sunday Times, UK
Time Magazine voted Hanitra's band one of the 10 best bands in the world on a list that also included, U2, Radiohead, Portishead, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers and Cuba's Orishas.
Her music is a unique, modern blend from the roots music of the different regions of Madagascar, strongly featuring vocal harmonies and local instruments like the marovany (box zither), valiha (bamboo zither), kabosy (small, partially fretted Malagasy guitar), jejy voatavo (gourd dulcimer) and lots of traditional percussion among the more conventional guitars and electric bass. It's a mix of buoyant grooves, tight harmonies, infectious melodies and energetic dancing. Her albums have all been notable for songs which combine stories, ideas and hard-hitting political subject matter with this upbeat, accessible, danceable music.
Tarika, led by the charismatic Hanitra Rasoanaivo, became one of the hardest working bands on the 1990s World Music circuit; Madagascar's most successful musical export. Tarika's name means simply "the group" or "led by" - or in their case, "the group". "Virtuoso traditional music with the energy of punk rock"
Hanitra has come back with a newer version of Tarika which is simply Tarika Be. Combining the driving force of her band, vocal harmonies by Hanitra and her sister Noro and new energy from four talented musicians all based in Madagascar, her big band is more powerful than ever before.