Yves Lambert & Le Bebert Orchestra

Yves Lambert & Le Bebert Orchestra
Yves Lambert


Yves Lambert, well known for his charisma and generosity on stage, is considered a reference point when it comes to Quebecois folk music. Certain Quebecois critics even regard him as a guiding light on the whole subject of Quebec's cultural heritage. Through his long-time association with the band La Bottine Souriante, Yves Lambert was a founding member and pillar of the group from 1976 to 2002. For the past 30 years M. Lambert has been a driving force in giving traditional music the place that it deserves beyond the Quebec and Canadian borders, and now continues to pursue the adventure with his new up Le Bebert Orchestra
Monsigroeur Lambert has a great capacity to give a contemporary sense to the traditional song because his choices are made with the same vital personal concerns and preoccupations. For Yves Lambert the content is essential to keep his music vibrant and not being caught in any one rigid style of expression. Furthermore, he has a great capacity for versatile interpretation ... he can sing with Groovy Aardvark Boisson davril (Quebecois rock band) as well as children's songs from Gilles Vigneault Un tresor dans mon jardin, or more bluesy arrangements with Petite fleur from Sidney Bechet, while singing with great intensity on the Gaston Miron song La rose et l'oeillet and all the while representing traditional music as one of its leading figureheads.
A highway traveller with his own unique gypsy flair, Monsieur Lambert presents with great pleasure a large and unique repertoire with strong communicative power... All that served up with the familiar ease of M. Lambert and his jovial and talented Bebert Orchestra, that is.
Olivier Rondeau (guitares and voice) has a Major in Music specializing in jazz guitar. He played with several jazz and pop-rock bands. He contributes to the fundamental band dynamics with his youth, cheerful motivation and his exceptional, inspired and versatile instrumentalist talents. He has played with M. Lambert since 2000 on many occasions, and has been a permanent member of the Bebert Orchestra since 2003.
Nicolas Pellerin (violin, foot tapping, vocals) has a refined technique of music and song specializing in traditional music. He joined the band in the fall of 2004. His vitality, rhythmic rigour, his dedication to his roots and his musical conviction bring an essential contribution to the group. Nicolas brings his talents to several bands in traditional music showcasing his unique style in both foot-tapping and violin.
Tommy Gauthier (violin, bouzouki, mandolin, vocals) has a baccalaureate from Montreal University in jazz improvisation. He is supporting the band with his great musical talent, his versatility and his natural sense of improvisation. In spite of his youth, Tommy has gained a great deal of experience. He plays with different styles of bands including jazz, traditional as well as country music. He met Yves Lambert in 2003 through the recording of the song La vie est longue, a tribute album to Jean-Pierre Ferland, and since then the partnership has flourished.
Benoit Dufresne (bass, electric bass) has a baccalaureate from Montreal University in jazz improvisation and pop music. He plays with a few other bands in both jazz and traditional genres. Since 2005, his solid rhythm has been supporting and wonderfully completes this talented crew of musicians joining M. Lambert's scenic extravagance.
In the pursuit of his artistic research, Mr Lambert and The Bebert Orchestra are constantly experimenting with new sounds. They explores the universe of world music with exceptional musicians including Hassan El Hadi, Mohamed Raki, Galitcha (Kuljit Sodhi) and many more, which bring a new power to Quebec musical culture.
In 2006 Mr. Lambert will celebrate his 30th year of his career, which doesn't impress his Epicurean character. Yves Lambert will always remain the explorer for which his legendary joviality and his genuine nature seals the pact between maturity, finesse and entertainment... A Bebert Orchestra concert is a swinging event rooted by Mr. Lambert's studied and mischievous expression