Najat Aatbou


Najat Aatabou

The voice of the emmancipation of the Morroccan women

Najat's carreer got started in a most peculiar way. While she was singing at a family-celebration, someone taped the concert without her being aware of it. That cassette was put on the markets in Morocco as a pirate copy, and very soon the recording was available everywhere.

This wasn't to her parent's liking though: she had to run away from home, quit her law studies, and ended up in the music world. Her first real recording, 'I'm fed up with it', ( je ne m'ar) set the pattern for her career. She sings about women: deceived women, jealous women, hurt women, but never resigned ones. Najat Aâtabou's women are strong and stand up for their rights. Nowadays she draws a lot of inspiration from the hundreds of letters sent to her.