Supertraditional Records

Supertraditional is a Swedish record label and for contemporary folk music, representing artists such as Ebo Krdum, Sara Parkman and Kolonien.

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Supertraditional distributes contemporary folk music in a wider sense. We know that tradition is deeply rooted in the knowledge of generations but always fluid and always seeking out the influences of its own time. We want to make music that is raw, fragile and honest – music that will make you feel and music that dares to say something. Melodies and narratives that sometimes requires time and the right place. Supertraditional works with a holistic view of music. Although sound is our primary focus we believe that visual impact is of equal importance. Aesthetics on the playing field with music and ethics. Supertraditional collaborates with the distribution company Aloaded.

Supertraditional is also a professional platform for contemporary folk music, that wants to create physical space for art and music of high quality and high sensitivity. We need to own the production means and make room for what we think the Swedish music industry is lacking. We want a music industry where knowledge comes before competition and where we help one another. Supertraditional wants to create rooms for both conversation and maximum feeling.

The traditional folk music genre is owned by everyone and no one. It's a genre built on a culturally and socially undefined foundation and accordingly open for anyone to interpret. Many political groups have claimed the right to folk music throughout the course of history - nationalists, hippies, purists, environmentalists, multi-culturalists and today urban feminists. Supertraditional sees two strong needs for the folk music of today: the desire to exist among other arts on equal terms, and to not have to represent a nation, a history, a political movement or to take a stand. At the same time we see the strength of a genre that engages so many different people, a genre that doesn't rest but constantly demands to be re-identified. Supertraditional wants to be a platform for these conversations.

Supertraditional consists of the Swedish musicians Anna Möller, Samantha Ohlanders, Hampus Norén and Sara Parkman together with artist Elvira Varghans and graphic designer Karin Linderoth. At WOMEX 2021 represented by booking agent Erik Rask,who is in charge of Supertraditional´s booking branch.



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  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2021


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Ebo Krdum


"Diversity" - Ebo Krdum