Ebo Krdum
Photo: Olof Grind, Sweden


"Music for the earth."
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  • artist:Ebo Krdum
  • featured artist:Ebo Krdum
  • region:Stockholm
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Blues, Afro-Soul
  • country:Sudan
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc), LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Supertraditional
  • label:Supertraditional
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”Diversity” is Ebo Krdum´s first solo album, released in September 2021.

'Diversity' is not just a musical and cultural melting pot. The lyrics that tell both Ebo´s life story and political topics such as equality, diversity and freedom, are sung in no less than eight different languages (Fulani, Beri (Zaghawa), Fur, Sudan Arabic, Massara (Masaleet), Beja, Daju and English). It is a collaboration with the Scandinavian record label Supertraditional, from which a couple of Swedish leading folk music innovators, like Ale Möller, Sara Parkman and Anna Möller, also participate on the album. Anna Möller in the role of producer and composer of the string arrangements. Ebo Krdum's songs and voice are in focus, performed by an ensemble consisting of calebass, balafon, bass and a folk music string quartet with viola dámore, viola d’gamba, octave violin and violin. The album Diversity is from Ebo’s project named : The Sub-Saharan Jigs.
released September 30, 2021

Music and lyrics by Ebo Krdum.

Produced by Anna Möller (Supertraditional) and Ebo Krdum.

Musicians: Ebo Krdum, Anna Möller (viola d´amore, vocals), Robin Cochrane (calebash, djembe, perc.), Adam Grauman (bass, viola d´gamba), Anna Rubinsztein (viola d´amore), Ale Möller (flute), Sara Parkman (vocals), Mohamed Araki (keys).

Mixed by: Otto Wellton, Kingside Studio.
Mastered by: Johannes Ahlberg, Saintpid Mastering
Photos: Olof Grind
Cover design: Karin Linderoth

Recorded 2020 in Kingside Studio, [Gnesta]/ portable studio by Alexander Supertramp [Järna].