Edina Szirtes Mókus Looper Project

Edina Szirtes Mókus Looper Project


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Line up

  • Edina Szirtes Mókus (violin, loopers, vocals)


The prodigious talents of singer/ violinist/ composer Edina Szirtes Mókus find their expression in a restless exploration across multiple genres, manifested in her prolific output which includes her work with the Modern Art Orchestra, Fabula Rasa, Miklós Lukács, Frank London's Glass House Project as well as her own band, string quartet and singer/songwriter projects and compositions for musicals and dance theatre. Add to that her solo Looper Project, in which she skilfully builds layers of violin and voice to create stunning constructions of symphonic scope that draw on all of her many influences. Edina wrote her first composition at the age of seven and in the tenth grade was disqualified from a talent contest because the judges didn't believe she had composed her music. Thankfully undeterred, she has continued her prolific, award-winning output ever since.


Edina Szirtes Mókus Looper Project