TAKATUM - Music/Dance trio
Performances specially created for children, but built for all ages. Instrumental music / contemporary dance fusion.

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A trio that creates fusion dance/music performances. Instrumental music, sound landscapes, movement and contemporary dance develop imagination, something they want to empower their audiences with. TAKATUM´s performances are specially thought for children, but built for all ages, because everyone fits in a “young audience” label.
Original compositions that travel through different paths and styles, creating dances and stories where you can recognize some traditional folk rhythms from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, as well as contemporary music and the creation of sound effects in a combination of acoustic and electronic sounds.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takatum.ruma/

TAKATUM artists:

Marta Coutinho – Dancer, teacher, producer - Marta works in dance and education in multidisciplinary projects mainly through contemporary and world/traditional dance, being strongly influenced by Iberian, African and Brazilian rhythms. She is also a trainer in dance for teachers and trainer from ACM - High Commissariat for Migrations, Portuguese Government.
Find out more: https://www.martacoutinho.com/

Ruca Rebordão - Percussionist and composer with multiple influences, a result both of his life experience and the contact with musicians from all over the world. Nevertheless, the strongest rhythms and sounds in his music and compositions are from Southern Africa, Mediterranean Countries, Brazil and Cuba. Throughout his career, Ruca has already recorded more than 180 albums, over 1000 songs and 8 Live Dvds.
Find out more: https://www.rucarebordao.com/

Sandra Martins – Cellist / clarinetist – Sandra performs with different bands and also develops projects that combine music, dance and literature. She is also responsible for a musical project in an oncology centre, where she organizes concerts for patients, their families and health care professionals.
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  • WOMEX 2022


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