Taiwan Colors Music

web: (for English,

contact: Ms. Gioia Tsai,...

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Taiwan Colors Music

web: (for English,

contact: Ms. Gioia Tsai,

Independent Taiwanese Music Label:folk, rock, blues, world music.

Soundtrack & Ad Production:The Love of Three Orange(Venice Film Festival)...

Festival Organizer:Hohaiyan Rock Festival(

Distribution:online Shopping

Licensing, Import and Export: overseas artists from Okinawa, Nepal, Malaysia...

Taiwan, known as Ilha Formosa or the beautiful island, is an amazing tropical region that also happens to be one of the most progressive centers for arts and culture in all of Asia. It has a long colonial history based not only in Chinese tradition, but also European, Japanese, and American culture which has created the kind of melting pot conditions that are fertile ground for new ideas and creative combinations. Taiwan Colors Music (tcm), based in Taipei since 1999, is an independent record label focusing on the island¡¦s roots and aboriginal music and other forms of free spirited artistic expression. Many of tcm¡¦s artists are from the distant, lesser-known corners of the island and have lively tales to tell through their distinctive styles and sounds. tcm¡¦s roster also includes several highly artistic Taipei based groups that are exploring the boundaries of World Music creating a new kind of Asian fusion. tcm has earned numerous awards and won the attention of listeners far and wide in Taiwan and beyond. It¡¦s innovative package designer, known for large size packages that include a detailed book on the artist, was recently nominated for a U.S Grammy for a project he completed with international distribution. tcm¡¦s philosophy towards artists and audiences is one of sharing and dialogue, rather than markets and has been dubbed by the media in Taiwan as the label with soul.(more interviews on


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