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Tejo Milenario – is one of the oldest yew-trees in Spain, whose age is almost 2000 years. It still grows and brings her fruits every year. Her roots are deep inside in the past, her trunk is in the present and her branches and leaves send greetings to the future.

Our artist agency is working with the music which has deep roots, not only by lyrics or tunes, but with the abilities to emerge the deep feelings and senses inside humans souls, to bring some missing parts or to release some hidden emotions, to clean up the soul, to bring the hopes and power to go on, and to provide us with the support of our ancestors.

All the artists we work with have this kind of skills. Their vocals are music instruments, their sense of harmony is outstanding, they deliver these feelings to the audience which we nowadays have a great hunger for. They have very different roots and background, different means of delivery their message, but they always can find a way to put some seeds into your soul which will definitely bring some fruits afterwards.

It’s the music of the world.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2022


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