The Other Europeans

The Other Europeans


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Line up

  • Adam Stinga (Trumpet)
  • Adrian Receanu (Clarinet)
  • Alan Bern (Piano, Director, Accordion)
  • Christian Dawid (Clarinet)
  • Csaba Novak (Bass)
  • Daniel Blacksberg (Trombone)
  • Guy Schalom (Drums)
  • Kalman Balogh (Cimbalom)
  • Marin Bunea (Violin, Vocals)
  • Mark Rubin (Tuba, Bass)
  • Matt Darriau (Sax, Flute, Clarinet)
  • Paul Brody (Trumpet)
  • Petar Ralchev (Accordion)
  • Stas Rayko (Violin)


Thursday 27/10/11 21:00 | Koncerthuset: Studio 1

International super-group of klezmer and lautari virtuosi, energetically exploring a shared lost past.

The Other Europeans was born out of an EU-funded project initiated by creator/director Alan Bern to uncover the traces of the lost world of the shared musical culture of the Jews and Roma, who lived, intermarried and played music together in pre-WWII Bessarabia. It's grown into an international super-group of klezmer and lautar virtuosi, picking up a conversation interrupted 70 years ago and jogging a faded collective memory into joyous consciousness. Comprised of two all-star ensembles Bern and his klezmer ensemble and the lautari band, led by Hungarian cimbalom master Kalman Balogh they merge the separated strains of historical Yiddish and contemporary Moldovan styles, reconnecting them and improvising new ways of keeping the joy alive within a rare marriage of ethnography and creativity.