Debussy Now!
Debussy Now! by Huszti Istvan
  • country:Hungary
  • style(s):Electronic, Contemporary
  • label:BMC (Records) Kft.
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, guitar, harp
  • artist posted by:Tinka Steinhoff Booking

Line up

  • Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp)
  • Márton Fenyvesi (live electronics, guitar)
  • Veronika Harcsa (voice)


In all likelihood Debussy would have welcomed the idea of his works being brought up to the minute one hundred and fifty years later by artists who knew no boundaries. After all, as the harbinger of musical Impressionism, this is what he too strove to do. Harpist Anastasia Razvalyaeva, singer Veronika Harcsa, and guitarist and sound designer Márton Fenyvesi made contemporary transcriptions from Debussy’s finest chansons in which everything becomes possible. These works, which the composer wrote to poems by Paul Verlaine and other poets, are seen in another light, thanks to the airiness of the harp, and to a more declamatory vocal technique than in classical singing, while with the live electronic effects they go through a veritable paradigm shift.