Tolgahan Çoğulu & Sinan Ayyıldız Duo's first EP "Amorphous" has been released by Ahenk Music. The album includes arrangements of Azerbaijani traditional music, Ara Dinkjian's Keesher Bar and their own compositions. Çoğulu plays the adjustable microtonal guitar which he designed in 2008. Ayyıldız plays the double necked saz that includes a standard and fretless fingerboard.
“Amorphous” means “having no definite shape, features and borders”. The Duo loves this title as their arrangement style and instruments are amorphous. Çoğulu uses makam music frets and performance techniques whereas Ayyıldız uses fretlessness and hybrid techniques imported from many instruments.
Since their first arrangement -Aziza Mustafa Zadeh’s Boomerang- became a hit on YouTube in 2013, they have played in numerous festivals and venues such as 26th Istanbul Jazz Festival, Ghent De Centrale, Istanbul Arter Concert Hall and International Microtonal Guitar Festival. They also received a prestigious “Concert Tour Support” award at the 26th Istanbul Jazz Festival.

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