Maru Tarang

Line up

  • Asin Langa (sarangi, vocals)
  • Bhungar Manganiyar (khartal)
  • Bobby Singh (tabla)
  • Jeff Lang (guitar, vocals)


Maru Tarang is a remarkable collaboration, transcending genres and language barriers, between two pairs of virtuoso musicians from different continents: acclaimed slide-guitarist Jeff Lang and tabla maestro Bobby Singh from Australia; young sarangi master Asin Kahn Langa and brilliantly expressive khartal player Bhungar Manganiyar from Rajasthan. They were brought together at the invitation of the RIFF festival in Jodhpur last October and enjoyed such a rapport that they repeated the experience at the 2013 Parramasala festival in Sydney and at Celtic Connections in Glasgow in January 2014. Whether the starting point is a Rajasthani folk song led by Asin Langa or one of Jeff Lang's folk-blues story songs, each piece develops into a four-way conversation, eloquently flowing with intuitive interplay and mutually inspiring improvisation.