Morgane Ji
  • country:La Réunion
  • style(s):Electronic, World Pop
  • label:Aztec Musique
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, pop group
  • artist posted by:Tourbilion


Morgane Ji is a striking, Matisse singer originally from the island of Reunion.
It all started with the record label World Patch B who were looking for unusual singers, and they offered to record one of Morgane’s songs.
This was shortly followed by a debut album, “Noah’s Boat”, recorded on the same label and distributed in France by ‘Night ‘n’ Day’, and ‘Discovery’ in the UK. Promotion of the album pushed Morgane and her musicians out of her adopted land and into the big, wide world.

At this time, the UK music press described her as a “phenomenal singer”, and nicknamed her the “Creole Queen”. The Irish Times in Dublin awarded ‘Noah’s Boat’ 4 stars in their world music category.
A chance meeting with fellow musician E.r.k. started a relationship that would create an atmospheric link between music and visual art performance (Morgane is also talented in graphic and video production).

Soon, they would create their own record label which affirmed her unique musical style that we know today. Her mixture of rock and electronic is ever present in her work, but it is the use of unique voice, her idiomatic lyrical prose and her Shamanesque cries that single her out as an unusual singing talent.

Her voice can be described as a mixture of sensual and wild, ‘animalesque’ and warrior-like, woven together with banjo and a hypnotic samples and aerial guitar sound.
Her band today consists of E.r.k. (guitars, keyboard, samples etc), Olivier Carole (bass), Mogan Cornebert (drums), and they are touring together to promote Morgane Ji’s new album: “Woman Soldier”.