Lúcia de Carvalho

Lúcia de Carvalho
Lucia de Carvalho

Line up

  • Cécilia Debergh (percussion)
  • Edouard Heilbronn (guitar)
  • Lúcia de Carvalho  (lead vocals, percussion)
  • Simon Lannoy (cello)


Lúcia de Carvalho takes full advantage of her mixed heritage: Angola is her native country, Brazil inspired her musically and France is her adoptive country, with a more modern musical edge. Sometimes reminiscing upon childhood memories, sometimes a fierce woman always fighting for causes important to her, this singer, dancer and drum player offers us a music full of freedom and travels, audaciously mixing world music and modern rhythms.
Five years after the release of her first album Kuzola, and after a moving documentary that retraced Lúcia’s quest for her root, Lucia De Carvalho comes back with a punchy-titled project: Pwanga! (Light in english).
Pwanga ! is her new explosive album produced by Jean Lamoot (Mano Negra, Alain Bashung, Noir Desir, Salif Keita, Jean-Louis Aubert, Raphael, Girls in Hawai, Brigitte Fontaine, Dominique A) and see the participation of Chico César, Anna Tréa, and others.

Booking territory: Italy in cooperation with Musicamorfosi