"The Guesthouse Sessions" - Naragonia

The Guesthouse Sessions

In the past 18 years, Naragonia has made many new musical friends from different musical backgrounds and styles. During the period of the Covid-lockdown, a new idea came to life: to organize musical meetings and make fresh melodies with a number of these musical friends. These meetings were named the ‘The Guesthouse Sessions’.

The sessions became interesting collaborations, often creating intriguing new sounds. Musical styles, melodies, and songs were often quite divergent, but the music still carries that signature Naragonia sound.

Due to the unfiltered live recordings and the variety of the guest musicians, ‘The Guesthouse Sessions’ is different from their other studio albums. However, the duo is still loyal to their pursuit of beauty and authenticity, without compromises. A search that already counts 18 years of beautiful music which gave voice to Belgian folk in many parts of the world.