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  • country:Australia
  • style(s):Reggae, Electro
  • label:top shels
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Traffix Music

Line up

  • Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula aka (didjridu performer)


Tjupurru is a proud descendant of the Djabera Djabera tribe of the West Australia Kimberleys. Born in Port Moresby P.N.G, he began his career as a professional boxer 2X National Featherweight champion of PNG, Winner of Oceania Title in Western Samoa. He moved to Cairns(North Queensland) where he first heard the didj music of Gondwanaland. Tjupurru play a special dijeridu called Didjeribone because this instrument can slide through different sounds and tones- a cross between a didj and a trombone. The difference of sounds come by a small microphone called" Face bass" that he put in him mouth. The way it expands on what you can do with a traditional didj is just phenomenal. Essentially, it makes just one instrument a didj orchestra.
With the addition of sampling and electronic effects, Tjupurru has enabled himself to perform as a One Man Band creating live samples and looping them to create songs and soundscapes that criss cross most musical genres.