FLO Cangiano
FLO live in concert (c) Hans Spirek


"Il mese del rosario"
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Napoli
  • style(s):Mediterranean, World Pop
  • label:SoundFly S.r.l.
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, singer songwriter, rock band, jazz combo, pop group
  • artist posted by:Triart

Line up

  • Davide Costagliola  (base)
  • Flo (vocals)
  • Marcello Giannini  (guitars)
  • Michele Maione  (percussion, drums)


Eclectic new voice from Southern Italy
Floriana Cangiano alias FLO comes from Naples and represents the new generation of Southern-Italian singer-songwriting.
Her first album "D´amore e di altre cose irreversibili" (2014) was awarded several prizes in Italy, gained international attraction and enthusiastic press reviews. FLO mixes Italian rootsy-pop, chanson and traditonal singing to songs with a Mediterranean flavour, most focused on a rhythmical and pulsating everyday life from Southern part of Italy. With expressive voice, strong personality and powerful Neapolitan energy she tells stories from the Southern contradictory between catholic moralism and 21st century every day life. Violent, tender, bitter, sweet, full of ambiguities.
The winning of the "Andrea Parodi" in 2014, only world music prize in Italy, was followed by two years of intensive tour around Italy and first appearances at European clubs and festivals. In 2016 (international release April 2017) FLO released her second album "Il mese del rosario". Come 2018 FLO´s third album "LA MENTIROSA" was produced by Daniele Sepe - and got fantastic international press. It shows FLO a thrilling exponent of Italy´s unique pop/world crossover scene. read what Ian Anderson experienced: http://frootsmag.com/la-mentirosa-flo
Her concerts are a rhythmic and addictive mix: FLO gives her songs a huge amount of colour with powerful, dramatic Italian vocals, while her three-piece band provide a backdrop of Gypsy-ish swing, rock, jazz and arabic rhthms. FLO´s modern "Canzone Napolitana" is embossed by the magnetic narrative of the feminine, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, but always mysterious and full of haunting passion.