Triple M Management

Triple M manages three of New Zealand's most prominent musical acts: The Black Seeds, The Phoenix Foundation, and Lawrence Arabia.

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The Black Seeds are an institution in New Zealand music. Renowned worldwide for their heavy-hitting live show, this 8-piece roots/reggae/funk/soul band is a definitive piece of every NZ summer soundtrack. Their fifth studio album "Dust and Dirt" was released worldwide in April 2012, followed by tours of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and two tours of Europe. The band is back home for the New Zealand summer and poised for further international touring in early 2013, with a new live album and EP in the works.

The Phoenix Foundation's fifth studio album, Buffalo, was released in 2010 and has taken the group to entirely new heights. Spending most of 2010 and 2011 touring the festival & club circuits of Europe, TPF have set the bar for indie/pop rock in New Zealand, and continue to push the boundaries with each new release. Their next album is due out in the first half of 2013, with international touring to follow.

Lawrence Arabia's third album, "The Sparrow," is the evocative follow-up to his 2009 Taite Prize/Silver Scroll winning "Chant Darling." Venturing away from the harmony-laden pop production of "Chant Darling," The Sparrow is a more measured and minimalist work, drawing particularly from the influences of late 60's symphonic works of Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg. "The Sparrow" was released in July 2012 to critical acclaim from every corner of the globe, including MOJO, NME, Rolling Stone, The BBC, and more. Lawrence Arabia is currently touring North America, Europe, and Australia.



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