TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM - Album Growing Up got 5/5 in Songlines Magazine

Tsuumi Sound System
Growing Up

An impeccable follow-up to an impeccable debut

I remember describing Tsuumi Sound System's last album (reviewed in #49) as a work of genius: a lesson in how to make the perfect album. This eight-piece band from Finland have done it again, complementing their addictions to samba and tango with a little jazz, a hint of the Balkans and the undeniable delights of Finnish folk music. In the expert hands of producer Roger Tallroth they've combined their different musical backgrounds to make an album which, they say, takes us from the wastelands of Lapland to the urban rush of Helsinki. It goes without saying that Tsuumi's performance is impeccable. Wonderful fiddle playing, magical accordion sounds, crisp, neat, driving percussion, and enough earth and grit - especially from the sax - to make this another ten out of ten concoction.

Their pianist Pilvi Talvitie has penned a gorgeous tune in 'Livets Vår', superbly scored for accordion and pizzicato strings. Esko Järvelä's 'LaaLaa Land' is a energetically poignant track infused with some brilliant understated percussion. Hannu Kella's 'Sicilian Panda' must have been designed to wrong-foot anyone who dares to dance, while the harmonium, accordion and piano of the final 'Unknown Tomorrow' makes sense of the album's title (Growing Up), with a heartbreaking theme worthy of a major film score. Yes they have grown up, but have lost none of their charm, drive and appeal in the process.

Fiona Talkington

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Tsuumi Sound System Ltd