TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM - Full Concert Video

Tsuumi Sound System

Presenting a folk band from Finland is a hard job. And selling them abroad is even harder. However, TSUUMI SOUND SYSTEM is not your typical folk band. With their well-crafted compositions and their big sound, they have something to say.

As Fiona Talkington (Songlines, BBC) puts it: " It goes without saying that Tsuumi's performance is impeccable. Wonderful fiddle playing, magical accordion sounds, crisp, neat, driving percussion, and enough earth and grit - especially from the sax - to make this another ten out of ten concoction."

For those who want to get a picture of the band's live act, here below is a link to their performance (full concert) at VILJANDI FEST 2011.

If you feel that this is the live act you want for your venue or festival, do not hesitate to contact us.

article posted by:Eric van Monckhoven, Tsuumi Sound System Ltd