"WAG - World Acoustic Guitars vol.1" - Various Artists

Various Artists
WAG - World Acoustic Guitars vol.1 / Various Artists (cd)


Forastiere (Ac. Guitar)
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  • artist:Various Artists
  • featured artist:Tomatito, Luis Salinas, Alex De Grassi, Antonio Forcione, Don Ross, Forastiere, Billy Mc Laughlin, Peter Finger
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):Acoustic
  • country:Italy
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:Tweedle Srl
  • label:Tre Lune Records
  • publisher:Tweedle Srl
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On 2007 the Italian label Tre Lune Records releases "WAG - World Acoustic Guitars vol.1" , composed of 17 selected tracks for travelling around the world of contemporary acoustic guitar and its techniques fingerstyle, tapping, flatpicking, flamenco, classical.
17 wonderful musicians from different contries (Italy, Spain, Argentina, United States, Canada, Germany and Sweden) participate to the collection. Among the most elegant contemporary fingerstyle players, we meet Alex de Grassi, Peter Finger, Don Ross, Franco Morone, Steffen Basho-Junghans and Del Vezeau, while as representative guitarists of “mixed” technique and genres we find Forastiere (rock-blues), Sergio Altamura (folk-ethnic), Dominic Frasca (minimalism), Billy McLaughlin (tapping), Antonio Forcione (with a powerful articulated blues of “acoustic revenge” as last track of the album). Beppe Gambetta, in duo with the bassist Glen Moore, plays a fandango dance in flatpicking.
From the Latin musical world, amazing tunes are played by the virtuoso duo of Luis Salinas with Tomatito, and of Jordi Bonell with Dani Perez, followed by the precious dreaming jewel of Vicenç Solsona; then the performance of the Italian Michele Ascolese trio offers a tribute to his neverending source of inspiration, Latin America. Last but not least, the Swedish duo of Mats Hedberg & Christer Häggner describes a suggestive Scandinavian landscape. 70 minutes of great music that guitar lovers cannot miss, discovering all the chances that this extraordinary instrument gives. An amazing collection !