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BLK - Berliner Label Kontor

is an amalgamation of established and young Labels from Berlin, with its place of business in the city of Berlin. Our aim is to take all kind of creative works from Berlin out into the world and the worlds creative works to Berlin. Therefore we collaborate with artists, labels and publishing companies from Canada and the USA all the way to Japan. We are attending midem since 1996.

Founded in spring of 2009 by the amalgamation of United (founded 1994), Cannery Row Records (founded 2006) and Byfuss Records (founded 2005), BLK expanded up to being a pool of creative operators. We are realizing most of the activities around your business.

Acting as an accounting, distribution, promotion, publishing and music-consulting company many bands and artists of our partner labels appreciate our work.

We support your touring activities, cost settlement of your returns of the German collecting companies on a sub publishing base or promote your new work. Furthermore we publish foreign bands and pump up your notoriety in the German market.

In merging diverse global musical influences with popular music, we further the philosophy that indeed, all creative power is a part of an integral whole. This has fostered the ongoing establishment of long term relationships with single artists and teams of creative writers to cutting edge publishing partners.

With more than 20 years of business experience of the founder companies, BLK provides an ideal support for you.

Burghard Genz and Frank M. Schenker are available
for meetings Thursday, 27th and Friday 28th at the Jazz&World Partner booth.
Burghard Genz will attempt the matchmaking Friday from 16:00h to 18:00h

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