UO Productions

An independant record label founded in 2002 Guatemala City. It´s members started this dream in Los Angeles, California in 1997.

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The UnOrthodox way is to provide the solutions that counter attack all philosophies that it can´t be done. We distinguish ourselves by our well trained qualified staff and by bringing a piece of Hollywood to Central America. We have trained many independant producers and sound engineers and are proud to provide the best for our clients. The benefits of working with us are the inspirational environment, analog and digital recording, full sized major recording studios Iximche Studios, the best musicians that haven´t had their talent exhausted, Strategic Alliances with Marketing Companies such as Spinhouse Agency, Film with TYNE, and the lowest prices in the industry. Our care for artist development and quality in production.

We definitely flipped the script in the industry with our UnOrthodox paradigm. Come work with us with a full enthusiatic staff , in this exotic country of culture , highly trained music business experts, break into a new market and leave here with an over the top production, a fan base and head back to your country to rock the show, and still have a budget for Promotion and Distribution. Step out the Box at UnOthodox, make your dream a reality.

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"Santa María" - Saraguate