Cheikh Ibra Fam

Cheikh Ibra Fam
Cheikh Ibra Fam at SunSka 2022

Line up

  • Cheikh Ibra Fam (singer)
  • Clem Touron  (Battery)
  • Yao Dembele (Bass)


Cheikh Ibra Fam is a multidimensional artist with a free and futuristic spirit, well anchored in the Senegalese roots. He is known in Senegal for his "Freestyle" project & his collaboration, notably as one of the singers of Orchestra Baobab. He is RFI Talent and part of the Putumayo World Discovery Program.

In 2022, he introduces his fourth album and his first international project alone, "Peace In Africa" under the French record label Soulbeats Music.
He has performed over 150 shows in Senegal, Europe, and Asia.

He studied solfege, piano, violin, blues and jazz at L'Accademia Musicale di Treviglio in Milan, Italy.

International promoters who have seen him perform, talk about his show as a perfect mix of a high quality sounds and freshness, a great musical tandem.