Urban Beat Project

Record Label, Artist Management, Event Designers, Booking Agency, Festival Curation and Business Development, and Artistes' Collective.

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Urban Beat Project (Non profit Organisation) is a collective of Artists- Musicians/Photographers/ Video Directors/ Designers, etc. who share a common connection in Music.

Our mission is to promote the arts. We are passionate about showcasing the Indian, and International music scene in the best possible light.


In simple words, we are an experimental record label, an artist management firm and event designers.

Record Label
As a record label, we are heavily interested in collaborations. That’s our mantra and a theme-to-be for music as we know it! Everyone’s doing it and if you aren’t, then you should. Collaborations not just between musicians, but also between contrasting cultures, styles, genres, syncopations and idiosyncrasies. (For Artists look below)

We are talking of setting the stage for music without boundaries; a jazz song with lots of blues, traditional sounds with a modern take, a system where everything works on a collective level – that of collaborations.

Events and Bookings (Corporate and Live)
We have a network of over 200 artists across the world, ranging from classical Ustads to Afro Jazz singers; people from every walk of life. This enables us to keep a finger on the global pulse, which in turn helps the artists in getting the right people to collaborate with.

Through an extensive network like ours, you can count on us for designing interesting acts for you. Be it fusion, crossover, world music, or basically anything that sits well with our theme; we will be more than happy to help.
Apart from that, we are working on a number of events, mainly Open Ear Music Festival, which is a prime property for us at Inroom Records. More on that soon!

Artist Management
As an artist management firm, we are interested in only serious musicians and even then, only those who gel with our philosophies. All our artists are serial collaborators, with each as distinct as a fingerprint, on every level.

Having said that, we are not just here to get you shows, we also handle Marketing and PR, helping you connect with other artists, suchlike.

Exclusively Booking / Managing

Indian Subcontinent: Dub Fx (Aus), CAde (Aus), Flower Fairy (UK), Mr. Woodnote & Lil Rhys (UK), Dub Mafia (UK), Eva Lazarus (UK) Snareophobe (UK), Mungo's HiFI (Scotland), Soom T (Scotland), Heymoonshaker (SE), Yes Sir Boss (UK), Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate (UK / Fr).

World Wide: Rizwan Muazzam (Pakistan), Rhythm Method (India), Sabir Khan (India), Ustad Dilshad Khan (India).

participating in

  • WOMEX 2013
  • virtualWOMEX


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"Allah Hu" - Rizwan - Muazzam Ali Khan