Valravn + Transglobal Underground

Urban Roots Tour - Denmark 2008

Urban Roots Tour poster


From the debut album
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  • event type:Concert
  • date:12 Nov 2008 - 16 Nov 2008
  • time:20:00
  • city/area:Malmö, Hillerød, Sønderborg, Odense, Copenhagen
  • venue:Jeriko, Klaverfabrikken, Sønderborghus, Poste, KIB
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Electronic, Global Fusion
  • event posted by:Valravn


The upcoming and Award nominated folktronica band Valravn invited the global beats veterans of TGU to its homeland for a 5 dates tour. It is the deep roots merging with the urban world, in a meeting between North, South, East and West.