"Koder på snor" - VALRAVN

  • artist:VALRAVN
  • featured artist:Valravn
  • region:Scandinavia
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Electronic, Folk
  • country:Denmark
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Valravn
  • label:Westpark Music - Tutl - VME
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Valravn released the long awaited second album in September 2009.
With ”Koder på snor”, Valravn take new steps towards an even more personal music, which is true to its Nordic roots but is equally a child of the present and the future.

“Koder på snor” was released September 7th 2009 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK through Westpark Music and in Denmark through VME.