Angélique Ionatos & Katerina Fotinaki

Angélique Ionatos & Katerina Fotinaki
  • country:Greece
  • style(s):Greek, Poetry
  • label:Accords Croisés
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Accords Croisés

"When we meet people I do not think it happens by chance. I believe that we meet because we are meant to do so. When the time is right.

Katerina Fotinaki is the 'little' sister I would have liked to have although, with her maturity and the high standards she sets herself as an artist and as a human being, I tend to forget her age.

It was not Greece that brought us together, but rather the tremendous love we both feel for our mother tongue (where our roots really lie) and for Greek poets, and also our passion for the guitar. Not to mention the laughter we share. To borrow an image used by Odysseus Elytis, speaking of the poetess Sappho in the introduction to his book, I would say that I feel as if we were distant cousins who once played together among the same trees in the same gardens. More than anything else, Katerina and I speak the same language by which I mean the language of Music." Angelique Ionatos