L'Oiseau de Feu: Mystic poems and music from Middle East and Europe

L'Oiseau de Feu: Mystic poems and music from Middle East and Europe

Whether they come from Christian or Muslim’s cultures, the mystic people have very often maintained privileged connections with poetry and music.
From the Fathers of the Desert, St Augustin, John of the Cross or Master Eckart to hesychasm, the diverse influences of Christian mystic has innervated centuries in Middle East and Europe.

Spiritual path of Islam, Sufism, from Maghreb to Central Asia, has allowed many texts production, often adapted with music, showing spiritual thoughts of these God’s seekers. The heart, considered as the gate to these mystic ways, is often symbolized in these traditions by the Bird - Simorgh, Dove or Phoenix - fired by the divine passion, which becomes then " The Fire bird "...

It is through radif, traditional modes system of the Persian learned music, and the early music of Renaissance in Europe, that we could see the walking through those different paths, so often mysteriously close.

The crystalline tones of the santour, the volutes of the bass viol, the incandescent songs of the Persian radif, the deep rhythms of the zarb and the daf set the nest of a musical dialogue, where the texts of emir Abdel Qader, Djallaleddin Rûmi, John of the Cross, Mansour Hallaj, Francis of Assisi, Hafez, Master Eckhart, Kabir, St Augustin come to punctuate the breath of the music.

A unique experience where the soul is looking for its own intimacy, through the beauty of melodies and texts, and the silence of hearts....