Melos: Mediterranean songs

Melos: Mediterranean songs

Melos is an ambitious artistic creation gathering musical traditions of three Mediterranean countries: Spain, Tunisia and Greece.

Around traditional songs and modern compositions, Keyvan Chemirani, prolific Iranian percussionist and composer has gathered singers and exceptional musicians for a journey based on the concomitance of the modalities of every culture, and the exploration of the infinite rhythmic strength which defines the Mediterranean musics.

We attend here the dialogue of three languages and cultures that melt in a rich and singular history , sharing a past of meetings, confrontations and mixtures.

While registering this meeting in the roots of these traditions, this journey takes us far from the regular ways, to a shared land.

Supported by rigorous and original arrangements, the artists, true masters of their respectives traditional musics (malouf, flamenco, and greek music) and opened to each others lead us to new horizons.