Renayate: Tribute to great algerian singers

Renayate: Tribute to great algerian singers

“ This project came from the deep admiration I have for some amazing algerian voices, Meriem Fekkaï would be their figurehead.

Throughout my work, I was moved by the courage and determination of those women who led a real career of singers, in a both hostile and appreciative environment.

Many of them had to leave or break, against their will, with their families. The most emblematic case is the one of Zoulikha who didn't see a single member of her family again, as it seems, until her disappearance.

Some of them had, in the musical environment, a need of protection which they satisfied by marrying their mentor.

Some others, lived miserable lives in exile.

Besides the admiration I carry for them, I must say that I have been very sensitive to the fact that, thanks to their perseverance in singing, they made positions change.

Quickly, some names of women imposed upon me because they embodied, by their charisma and popularity, the Algerian female vocals.

The first, were undeniably Meriem Fekkaï, Fadéla Dziria, Remitti, Baggar Hadda, Cherifa, Saloua.

The younger generation is represented by Fadéla Oran, Zoulikha, Djura, Aisha Labgaa, Souad Massi.
I do not forget the anonymous singing's breeding ground, to which I pay tribute by performing a song of Sraoui.

The purpose of this work is not to copy those voices but to go through them from my own musical culture, from my imagination and from my particular Chaouie vocal technique.