Vicente Pradal

Vicente Pradal
  • country:France
  • region:Andalusia
  • style(s):Flamenco
  • label:xxx
  • artist posted by:Accords Croisés

Born in 1957 in Toulouse, son of the Andalusian painter Carlos Pradal, Vicente has given hundreds of concerts, including some with Enrique Morente, Rafael Romero, Carmen Linares and Juan Varea.
He also played on the classical music stage, from Bizet to Massenet or Manuel de Falla.

Vicente Pradal is now back on stage with a sélection of his finest performances (Llanto, The dark night), as well as new songs that that honour the best poets of Spain: Federico García Lorca, Unamuno, San Juan de la Cruz, Miguel Hernández.

He is back with a quartet, accompanied by his children, in a simple and profound show where one discovers the virtuoso pianist Rafael Pradal and confirmation of the beautiful qualities of the young performer Paloma Pradal.

The presence of Emmanuel Joussemet, guest artist, brings to the show the beautiful color of the cello. This fruitful collaboration has got stronger around projects such as The Divan of Tamarit or, more recently, Yerma that Vicente Pradal has created for the French Comedy in 2008.