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LIMA, PERU - October 3, 2012 - Peru, a country with infinite talents, is broadcasting the wealth, richness, diversity, and originality of its culture both domestically and internationally through its music. Music professionals will really enjoy and get to know better the musical treasures of this Andean country with the new "Peru Music brand", which will make its world debut at WOMEX 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece October 17-21, 2012.

Peru will exhibit in WOMEX with a stand designed with the "Peru country brand" graphic design line. The network of international professionals will have the opportunity to attend the presentation & press conference "Peru: The country, its music. The Music of Peru, an overview." The event will be followed by a "Ceviche & Pisco Party", two of the many delicacies of Peruvian gastronomy.

The musical heritage of this Andean country has its own unique flavor. Contemporary songwriters such as Gian Marco, or opera singers like Juan Diego Florez fuse well with the imprint left by Yma Sumac and Chabuca Granda. Its richness really manifests itself in Peru's homegrown instruments: on the eastern coast one can find the Peruvian drum, which in the 1970s was exported by Paco de Lucia and transformed flamenco; in the mountains one can always hear the melody of the zampoñas (Peruvian panpipe); and in the jungle there are flutes made from different animals parts and tree trunks that are transformed into different percussion instruments that can powerfully call together the dozens of local native tribes.

Singer Eva Ayllon, official selection of WOMEX 2012, "reunites like no other singer what it is to be Peruvian: her voice carries the same message to the people of the coast, of the mountains, and of the jungle", according to expert Javier Luna Elias. This same critic also highlights the artistry of another singer Susana Baca and says that "to go through the repertoire of Susana Baca is akin to taking a tour through a version of the black Peruvian musical tradition that's been refined by Baca's extremely sensual and generously nuanced style."

Artists like Jaime Cuadra, Miki González and the Novalima group, among others, represent the new fusion between traditional Peruvian music with chillout. There is a lot to discover about Peru and it is for this reason that the Peru Music brand has been created to spread and to strengthen the music industry of the country.

Functionaries from the Peru country brand organization and Jose Velasquez, consultant for Peru Music, will be present at the PromPeru stand, together with representatives from record labels, promoters and producers, who will all bring additional informational material on artists, services, and music festivals that take place in Peru.
PromPeru is the official Commission for the Promotion of Peruvian Exports and Tourism. It developed the Peru Country Brand as an instrument to assist Peru in differentiating itself from other countries in the region and in the world, and to help the country endorse tourism, exports, and investments in other sectors.

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