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In Sardinia the word Andhira is associated with the concept of a migrant lifestyle, a sort of nomadic culture. The origion of the word is slightly vague. In Sanscrit, “andhra” indicates a passage, a gateway.
In Arab books it is the name of a constellation used by sailors for navigation at sea, but people also talk about it as a legendary city situated on the south coast of Sardinia. It is said that the city was ransacked by pirates and its treasures stolen, forcing the survivers to escape and become nomadic.
Over the course of time the word Andhira became a sort of phoneme, encapsulating a strong and haunting evocative power and when it is sang in the form of "s'andimironnai", a deep feeling of freedom and reconciliation emerges.

Andhira has chosen this name as an expression of its personal spiritual sound which is difficult to label with a specific musical genre. You can talk, on the other hand, of a wandering musical spirit from where springs a repertoire that changes in form and style for each composition passing through classical and folk styles, undifined mediteranian boundaries, with flashes of Sardinian culture and more. The band is made up of three female voices, two percussionists and a pianist. Andhira's music often expresses a narrative intention, evoking and telling stories, events and ambient, real or immaginary.

With the first CD "....sotto il vento e le vele", Andhira made contact with the work of Fabrizio De Andrè, researching an imaginary place where they can meet the great poet. Some of his songs were opened, examined and expanded, creating inside these songs other musical space of new compositions and alternating with pieces chosen from the original repertoire of the ensemble. In the CD there are also musical moments inspired by Sardinia, which was the place that De Andrè chose as his second home. The album, edited by "Ala Bianca", is sponsored by "Fondazione Fabrizio De Andrè".

The latest album entitled “Nakitirando” , released by Ala Bianca in 2011, is a heterogeneous collection of musical compositions.
It is the result of a coming together of art, research, meetings and collaboration of artists from different cultural backgrounds.
There are many recurrent elements that highlight the ties of kinship between the different tracks of “Nakitirando”. This kinship is evident in the thematic affinity between the lyrics and the sonority.
The songs speak of hiding places and the mystery of human wickedness, the sacredness of nature and its elements, precious memories and the desire for peace.
Some tracks are embellished with the skillful sounds of Mauro Pagani, Madya Diebate and Alberto Cabiddu and the help of Sergio Pira, Pietro Lorrai and Carlo Antonio Borghi, as authors and co-authors.
Finally, the presentation of the album and one song bear the signature of the great Brazilian poet Marcia Theophilus, a candidate for the Nobel prize for literature and UNESCO ambassador for biodiversity.

Andhira received the prestigious “Premio Lunezia Ethno-music” for the album Nakitirando in 2011.

Andhira was born in 2001 and since then has appeared in numerous important festivals, national reviews and live radio transmissions on Radio Rai2 and Radio Rai3.
They have also collaborated with, amongst others: Dori Grezzi, Sergio Ferrentino, Iride Baldo, Elena Ledda, Mauro Pagani, D.F.A., Alberto Cabiddu, Luigi Cinque, Jivan Gasparyan, Fausto Mesolella, Mauro Di Domenico, the poet Marcia Theophilo.

article posted by:Luisa Parrelli, vertigo music di Luisa Parrelli