Amparo Sanchez on stage


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  • country:Spain
  • label:Via Lactea Records
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Via Lactea


Amparanoia is the musical brainchild of Spain’s Amparo Mercedes Sanchez, one of the most vibrant and cutting edge singers of her generation, full of boundless talent and Latin vibes. Amparanoia render a fresh mix of Spanish rumba, Cuban son, reggae, bolero, ska and mariachi, mashing up Spanish Cuban, Mexican and Caribbean with a punked-up attitude.
Born in Granada, Spain, in 1969, Amparo Sánchez became an alternative star in her native country at the end of the nineties. With her first 2 albums ‘Feria Furiosa’ and ‘El Poder de Machín’ she delivered a statement of underground Spanish rock mixed up with different latin influences and engaged lyrics. She quickly became an inspiration for other ‘mestizo’artists such as Macaco, Fermin Muguruza, Dusminguet and Manu Chao with who she has been collaborating both in studio as on stage. But Amparo Sanchez is much more than the female version of Manu Chao. Also and especially she developed into spokesman and symbol in the fight for the rights of the women in Spain. She never did this by means of speeches but by calling up to more selfconfidance and positive action: ‘Rebeldia con Alegria’, also the title of an Amparanoia-compilation released in 2004. Moving from Granada to Madrid and recently operating from the multicultural Barcelona, Amparanoia always tried to combine good alternative latin music with magnificent songs and a charming personality. I would be a big mistake to reduce Amparanoia to the ultimate fiesta band. Above all, Amparo Sanchez both sings about pain and sorrow, good and bad things in life…
With the release of ‘Somos Viento’ (2002) and ‘Enchilao’ (2003) Amparanoia also became one of the bestknown ‘mestizo’bands outside Spain. The band was invited to play showcases at important fairs such as PopKomm, WOMEX and MIDEM and toured in almost every European country playing major festivals like WOMAD, Roskilde, Couleur Café, Lowlands, Les Méditéranéennes,… Amparo also started collaborating with artists outside Spain such as ZUCO103 and Calexico, with who she made a duet-version of ‘Don’t Leave me Now’ and on who’s forthcoming album she will be featuring as guestsinger.
The provisional peak in that international recognition was the BBC3 Award for World Music in the category ‘Europe’ Amparanoia won in 2005. in the meantime, Amparanoia was recording it’s 5th album ‘La Vida te Da’ in the Garate Studios (Bask Country) where the band already recorded ‘Feria Furiosa’ and ‘El Poder de Machín’. The new album was recorded live in the studio with all musicians present and was produced by Kaki Arkarazo, Eldys Isak Vega `Muñeco' and Amparo Sanchez. The title track is a typical spanish rumba while the other tracks are all a mixture of different styles such as bolero, reggae, cumbia, a bit of ska, jazz... all accompanied by the typical deep voice and presence of Amparo Sanchez.

‘La Vida te Da’ contains, again, different collaborations with friends such as Dhira, Dani MonoLoco from Macaco, Calima, Mimi Maura and Joan Garriga of Dusminguet. The 1st edition of the new album will also contain the DVD ‘The Making Of La Vida te Da’ which includes the story behind the band and the recording of this 5th Amparanoia-album located in the beautiful environment of the Spanish Bask Country. Between recording her own new album and playing concerts, Amparo also collaborated on the new Calexico-album.