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New album : Flamoek Fantasy
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  • country:Belgium
  • style(s):Balkan
  • label:Via Lactea Records
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Via Lactea


Orchestre International du Vetex was formed in 2004 by some Belgian (flemish-speaking and french-speaking) and French musicians. The primary idea was to create a temporary festive brassband for the Vetex-area in Kortrijk (Belgium), a popular, but poor neighbourhood. After several performances in that neighbourhood, the band was asked to play more and more. First gigs were done in the borderzone of Belgium and the North of France, hometowns of the musicians. Due to their success, they were asked to play some bigger events and festivals and to visit countries like Italy and Austria. One of the highlights in 2006 was the 'Notte Bianco' in Torino (Italy), where they played at the slothappening of the Winter Olympic Games. The Orchestre played all night long in the historical city center of Torino. After those fantastic experiences, it wasn't even a question any more: should we move on ore not...Ofcourse they did

Not long after their founding in 2004, the band recorded their first album "le Beau Bazar" (2005). A mix of catchy balkan brass in a festive ska-mood, but also some melancholic songs like Licht (a.u.b.) and Naftule's Terkisch. It all prooves the broad range of styles the Orchestre is playing.

Two years after "le Beau Bazar", the Orchestre moves a step forward by presenting their second album "Flamoek Fantasy". 'Flamoek' refers to one of the words the band invented themselfs. Beeing so much time together, and speaking a mix of French and Flemish (although not knowing each others language), they created somehow an own fantasy-world with own words and expressions. At the same time, this is a message to us all: forget the phsyical borderlines, use your imagination and fantasy, don't talk about political problems all the time, we're talking about human beings

Flamoek Fantasy takes you on a mindtrip to a lot of different countries and a lot of different moods and styles. Sometimes exentric and crazy, sometimes sad and melancholical. You will be part of Sicilian and South-Italian (funeral) marching music (the 2 Tarantella's and Etna's), Bollywood Brass from India (Mishra Kal Urlu), oriental balkan music (Vetex on Fire), North African desert sounds (La Danse du Scorpion), Klezmer meets ska (Klezmer Amer), Tex-Mex and latino style (Moliendo Cafe, Vetex-Mex), funky grooves (Funky Wallouks)...
Licht (a.u.b.) (Light, please) is retaken from the first album and put in an even more 'naked' version, as a hommage to the hundreds of thousand Italian, Polish, Nort-African,...mine-workers, who came working in the minefields at the French-Belgian border-area. A job with too many risks and too far from home...

Summer 2007, the band will be playing all over Europe, visiting festivals and events in Belgium, France, Holland, Poland, Germany and Austria.