Amparo Sanchez

Amparo Sanchez


new single from the forthcoming album
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Andalusia
  • style(s):Bolero, World
  • label:Via Lactea Records
  • type:Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Via Lactea

Line up

  • Amparo Sanchez (vocals & guitar)
  • Carirosa Varona (cello)
  • Jordi Mestres (guitar & standing bass)
  • Oskar Ferret de Querol (piano)


AMPARO SANCHEZ is one of the most representative voices of Spain all around the world. With her band AMPARANOIA and after twelve years of intense activity, she decides to ‘retire’ from the project in 2008 with a big international tour. During all these years, AMPARANOIA recorded 5 albums and many compilations, she collaborated with a huge range of different artists, she played in the best festivals in the world, she received the BBC World Music Award as best European band, she participated in a lot of solidarity projects, documentaries and she travelled in whole Europe, Latin America and Canada.

With ‘TUCSON-HABANA’, AMPARO SANCHEZ takes us away in the nostalgic desert of Tucson where the sweet rhythms of the Caribbean resound. It’s a romantic and personal music, but human and realistic at the same time. We note some influences of troubadour music, jazz, bolero, blues and son. The instrumentalisation is minimalist and her powerful voice just mix with ability the knowledge acquired with the years and her gift for the interpretation, but conserving a great touch of innocence. Amparo started to write new songs in 2006, because of her personal situation and a great motivation to go further in music.

During a collaboration in Canada with the band Calexico for a television programme, Joey Burns listened to her news tracks and he was seduced by the artistic style and the soul of the songs. He invited her to record the album in the studio Wabelab in Tucson. So, in the autumn 2007, AMPARO goes to Arizona with the contrabassist Jordi Mestres and the engineer and co-producer Kaki Arkazaro. John Convertino accompanied her at the drums and Joey Burns at the guitar. They recorded tracks by playing everybody at the same time in the big studio. That’s how the adventure started…

In May 2009, the whole team travels to Cuba to record the last songs of the album in the mythic studios of EGREM in La Havana, it’s there that the famous Cuban singer Omara Portuondo steps in the studio and sings the duet ‘Parrandita de las Santas’ with Amparo. They also play two concerts on the island.

‘Tucson-Habana’, this brand new and first Amparo Sanchez solo-album should be released early 2010.